Libourne, January 25, 2024 – Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva), the #5 animal health company present in 110 countries worldwide, announces the strategic acquisition of Scout Bio, a pioneer in biotechnology focused on cutting-edge therapies for pets. The move represents a significant leap in innovation for Ceva, unlocking access to key advancements including a pipeline of monoclonal antibodies and gene therapy developments to address chronic diseases in pets. 

While maintaining strong positions and continuing to develop biological and preventive medicine for all species, with this strategic acquisition Ceva aims to boost its global biotechnology activities, drawing on Scout Bio's heritage but more importantly, fostering a future characterized by the acceleration of biotherapeutic innovation.

Scout Bio, renowned for its commitment to innovation, has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking biotherapeutic products. This acquisition underscores Ceva's recognition of Scout Bio's nimble and responsive approach, as well as its excellence in clinical study execution in the biotherapeutics space.

Mark Heffernan, former CEO of Scout Bio, who has joined Ceva as Senior Vice President of Biotherapeutics and CEO of Ceva Biotechnology Campus (Philadelphia) expressed his enthusiasm by declaring:

Ceva_Marc Prikazsky_Mark Heffernan "With this acquisition, Ceva is ready to write a new chapter. The strength of the Group, which is one of the leaders in animal health, will propel our existing and future initiatives to new heights. Ceva has not only recognized our team’s delivery on innovation, but also our commitment to execution of quality clinical studies. With the power of Ceva, we will be able to accelerate biotherapeutic innovation for the well-being of pets and the happiness of their owners.”

In a commitment to continuity, Ceva will maintain a strong relationship with the world-renowned Gene Therapy Program (GTP) at the University of Pennsylvania, from where Scout Bio originated as a spin-out from Dr. James M. Wilson's lab.  Dr. Wilson is director of the Gene Therapy Program, the Rose H. Weiss Professor and director at the Orphan Disease Center, a professor of Medicine and Pediatrics in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and a pioneer in the field of gene therapy. Together, Scout Bio and Penn’s Gene Therapy Program have jointly developed multiple programs in this emerging field, and Ceva aims to build further upon this success. The collaboration will progress existing programs and explore new product development opportunities where these types of disruptive technologies can be applied for the advancement of animal health.

"The recent acquisition of Scout Bio by Ceva marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of pet therapeutics. This integration of expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to innovation opens new horizons for Ceva. Indeed, with the growing trend of 'pet humanization,' owners aspire to extend the lives and well-being of their four-legged companions. This strategic alliance offers us the opportunity to develop products and solutions that cater to these expectations. Together, we are poised to lead in shaping the future of biotherapeutic solutions for the well-being of pets worldwide.” said Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Chairman and CEO of Ceva.

Marc Prikazsky / Mark Heffernan

About Ceva Santé Animale

Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) is the 5th global animal health company, led by experienced veterinarians, whose mission is to provide innovative health solutions for all animals to ensure the highest level of care and well-being. Our portfolio includes preventive medicine such as vaccines and animal welfare products, pharmaceutical solutions for farm and companion animals, as well as equipment and services to provide the best experience for our customers.

With 7,000 employees located in 47 countries, Ceva strives daily to bring to life its vision as a One Health company: “Together, beyond animal health”.

2022 turnover: €1.5 billion.

 University of Pennsylvania Financial Disclosure

Dr. Wilson is a Penn faculty member, scientific collaborator, key advisor, and co-founder of Scout Bio. As such, he received an equity stake in the company, his laboratory at Penn received sponsored research funding from Scout Bio, and as an inventor of certain Penn intellectual property licensed to Scout Bio (now licensed post-acquisition to Ceva), Dr. Wilson may receive additional financial benefits in the future. The University of Pennsylvania also received sponsored research funding from Scout Bio, received equity in Scout Bio, and has licensed intellectual property to Scout Bio (now Ceva) that may result in future financial returns to Penn.