Our Recruitment process

Through our commitment to animal health and well-being, Ceva contributes to essential human needs. Join us !

We’ve grown rapidly in recent years and finding the right people to join us has become incredibly important. We want to attract the best people in their fields – men and women from different backgrounds who create a rich, diverse culture we can all benefit from.

We don’t discriminate, period. No matter what your race, gender, religion, nationality and age, you’ll enjoy equal opportunities across jobs, pay and promotions.

    Our analysis will look at your training and your professional experience. All applications are examined very carefully indeed and passed on to the appropriate human resources manager for the sector you are applying for.
    If your application does not correspond to any of the Group’s current vacancies, you will be informed by e-mail. We will keep your application on file for 2 years, unless you request otherwise.
    Pre-selection is based on an individual interview with the head of human resources or the operational manager for the specific job for which you have applied. At this stage we look at your previous experience, your motivation and your personality.
    During the selection process you will meet operators who will assess your technical expertise for the job and a human resources manager will evaluate your potential as an employee within the Group.
    This part of the process may include tests or situational role plays.
    The decision process is based on a consensus between all the people you meet.
    If your application is successful, the human resources department will make you a firm offer of a job. You will then be invited to sign your contract of employment.

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