Vaccination Equipment and Hatchery Automation

Our commitment to innovation has led us to fully integrating hatchery specialists and vaccination equipment.

Vaccination equipment and hatchery automation

Our commitment to innovation has led us to fully integrate hatchery specialists and vaccination equipment. This allows us to make key developments in responding to new needs, in improving quality of services and communication. Both Ceva Desvac and Ceva Ecat-iD campuses are fully owned by the Ceva Group.

Ceva Desvac campus: Desvac, a leader in vaccination equipment for poultry, was acquired by Ceva in 2008. Today the Ceva Desvac campus located in Western France forms an innovation and technical support platform which provides all material means required for the development and implementation of Ceva's services to clients' strategy. The Desvac range of products includes innovative sprayers for hatcheries and farms in water and gel technology (Desvac in-line Duo Spray and Gel), equipment for subcutaneous injection of day-old chicks (Dovac®) and intramuscular injection equipment of pullets (IMVAC®).

Ceva Ecat-iD Campus: Ecat-iD was formed as a result fo the merger of iD-Projects and ECAT and allowed combining industry expertise from some of the most experienced people in hatchery automation since 2016.Today, Ceva Ecat-iD campus is a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology and a worldwide leader in hatchery automation, covering all the different areas of hatchery operations from egg management, chick management, cleaning and disinfection, waste management and more.

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Last update: 23/10/2020

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