Ceva New Technology Summit Philippines: a sneak peek into the future of poultry farming

Ceva holds a forum for poultry industry stakeholders in Manila, Philippines on May 3.

More than 200 of the biggest and best farmers and veterinarians were in attendance during Ceva Philippines’ New Technology Summit last May 3. The summit’s main focus was gut and respiratory health issues that could affect farm production performance. Guests were also able to try the latest hatchery and farm vaccination equipment as well as visit a modern hatchery through a virtual reality experience.

Dr Sylvain Comte, Poultry Franchise Director, shared Ceva’s blueprint for the future and its impact on poultry farming.  Chulalungkorn University’s Prof. Jiroj Sasipreeyajan presented his independent study on Newcastle disease (ND) and control measures involving the different ND vaccines. Dr. Roberto Soares, Ceva’s Corporate Range Manager, elaborated on how to successfully implement an antibiotic-free farming program anchored on good gut health and proven management practices. Dr. Marcelo Paniago Veterinary Technical Manager of Ceva Asia shared global experiences in IBD as a disease and how different prevention and control measures were critical in ensuring continued protection against a continuous IBD infection cycle. Competitiveness and increased farm productivity through hatchery equipment improvements were the highlight of Ceva Asia Vaccination Services Manager Dr. Tose Skulphuek’s topic. The presentations were concluded in the afternoon by a dynamic question and answer session actively participated in by a number of attendees.

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