A Healthy Start Sets You Apart

Forceris, an innovative injectable combination of gleptoferron and toltrazuril, was launched in the Philippines last September 3, 2020.

A convenient and economically advantageous option to control iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and coccidiosis for swine farmers has been introduced. Last Sept. 3, Ceva Animal Health Philppines revealed its latest innovation, Forceris – a gleptoferron-toltrazuril injectable combination given in one shot to piglets 72 hours after birth.

The event was well attended with more than one hundred farm customers joining in. The 2-hour event started with a discussion on piglet management by well-known European consultant, Dr. Enric Marco followed by a presentation on 2020 Philippine hemoglobin survey results by Dr. Michael Quilitis, Ceva’s Veterinary Technical Services Manager (VTS). Farms were encouraged to participate in the ongoing coccidiosis monitoring trial to build the local data base with details offered by Dr Donnan Canoy, Ceva VTS. The activity was capped by Dr. Nicolas Guerra, Ceva Swine Corporate Marketing Manager, who presented on the uniqueness of Forceris based on performance and ease of use to combat IDA and coccidiosis in piglets.

Initial Philippine studies show that more than 60% of the piglets are either anemic or sub-anemic – and Forceris can address the IDA and coccidia challenges better than the traditional approach.

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