Ceva Philippines Partners with San Miguel Foods Inc. for the 2015 Technical Forum

Ceva’s partnership with San Miguel Foods Inc. was evident in the recently concluded SMFI Technical Forum 2015.

Ceva’s partnership with San Miguel Foods Inc. was evident in the recently concluded SMFI Technical Forum 2015.  The forum was the annual technical continuing education and update meeting for the contract growing, animal health, breeding, hatchery, production, and laboratory personnel of San Miguel’s Live Operations. This year's theme was GROWTH and SUSTAINABILITY with key topics touching on Heat Detection Management (Swine), Heat Stress Management and Strategies in Poultry, Building and Design Standards, Organizing a Preventive Maintenance Program and Proper Laboratory Sample Submission.

Ceva contributed to the Technical Updates on Poultry Live Operations with presentations on Innovative Vaccine Technology (focus: Vectormune ND and Transmune), State of the Art Vaccination Equipment (focus: Egginject), and Differentiated Hatchery Vaccination Services (focus: CHICK Program). The Ceva expert speakers were Dr. Mel Umandal and Dr. Jay Peria from the Veterinary Technical Services and Engr. Jose Almilla Jr.  from the Vaccination Services and Equipment. The audience were delighted to see that Ceva solutions are aligned to their objectives of optimizing genetic potential by growing bigger birds, rearing antibiotic-free chickens, and hatchery vaccination thru in-ovo vaccination.

On the other hand, Swine Live Operations were given updates on the latest Swine Differentiated Services of Ceva Lung Program (focus: Hyogen and Coglapix) and Acushot (focus: Vet LA and Biologicals). The Ceva expert speakers were Dr. Michael Quilitis and Dr. Donnan Canoy. The Swine Live Operations are keen to adopt both CLP and Acushot. A refresher training in the Lung Lesion Scoring and the use of the CLP App is scheduled in the near future as San Miguel plans to upgrade their lung health monitoring procedures with Ceva’s help. Acushot Needle Free vaccinators are very interesting as it can help prevent carcass degradation due to broken needles as well as help protect their brand image.

San Miguel Foods Inc. is a Strategic Account of the Ceva Group. It is part of the San Miguel Corporation, Southeast Asia's largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company as well as the Philippines' largest corporation in terms of revenue, with over 17,000 employees in over 100 major facilities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It has interests in beer brewery, hard liquor production, oil refining and marketing, infrastructure development, packaging, property development and management, power and energy generation, among others. San Miguel Food Inc. is the largest poultry and swine integrator in the Philippines with about 40% market share in broiler production and 20% market share in commercial pork production.


The Ceva San Miguel KAM Team


 Dr. Jay Peria conducting a presentation:


The Ceva Swine Team receiving a Certificate of Appreciation:


The participants of the 1st of 2 legs of the Swine Forum:


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